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dA Love by wolf-hat
I'd like to start saving up for a premium membership for my group, Realm-of-Cecatl Any donations will go towards that goal. Thank you!</b>

Current Count: 1343/4796


✔ Waiting on Others

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:thumb296666796: Prizes/Rewards
:bulletyellow: IFA prize from Flamelish (adoptable?)
:bulletyellow: HYARPG prize from pegacorna2
:bulletyellow: Commission from FireFang96

✔ Things People Are Waiting On Me For

100 Theme Challenge - 31/100


:bulletblue: multiple Althean sketch requests from ChastityRose
:bulletblue: commissions from Lioden

Art Trades

:bulletblue: art trade for RascalRaccoon on IB… and…
:bulletblue: breeding picture between Unnamed Stallion and Sapphique with Freedomsland93
:bulletblue: art-trade with Jedi-Cowgirl

Other Stuff

:bulletblue: fantasy horse herd for AlphaFemaleWolf
:bulletred: Finish Imports :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Giftart for 1w1w of her stallion, Nikolaus…

✔ My List

?? more breedsheets (way too many)
:bulletblue: my stable 'people' 6/12
:bulletblue: Dragonsoul and her crew (story and characters belong to me)
:bulletblue: Stonehenge with Wolf Moon, Seaweed, Sound Breaker, Devil Lantern, and Shine

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Drakkari of Cecatl

Realm of Cecatl - Drakkari Advertisement by ObsydianDragon

Info Sheets
PlantDrak Info Sheet by ObsydianDragonEarthDrak Info Sheet by ObsydianDragonFireDrak Info Sheet by ObsydianDragonWaterdrak Info Sheet by ObsydianDragonLightning Ref Sheet by ObsydianDragon

Map of Cecatl
Cecatl by ObsydianDragon

Drakkari List

Eldarwyn by AlphaCrest-WolfPack

Elders 4
:bulletpink: F011 Gannon - fire
:bulletblue: P009 London - plant
:bulletpink: P010 Pixie - plant
:bulletblue: W011 Joachim - water

Adults 13
:bulletpink: A012 Saraly - air
:bulletblue: L008 Rinan - lightning
:bulletblue: D005 Drakul - dark (SS)
:bulletblue: I008 Aeryck - ice
:bulletblue: H007 Volahk - stone
:bulletpink: E004 Mohinder - earth
:bulletblue: W009 Skald - water
:bulletpink: H003 Yirin - frost
:bulletblue: H024 Aubrel - luminous
:bulletpink: I005 Keshet - ice
:bulletblue: S011 Kyrak - spark

:bulletpink: H020 Vahanis - soot
:bulletpink: H023 Grendel - nova

Teens 9
:bulletpink: A009 Whisper - air
:bulletblue: F005 Tas - fire
:bulletpink: E007 Lykaon - earth
:bulletpink: D012 Miinka - dark (SS)
:bulletpink: H035 Lyra - poison
:bulletpink: L007 Bolek - lightning
:bulletpink: D011 Runa - dark

:bulletblue: H033 Siddet - lava
:bulletblue: H038 Amun - coldfire

Babies 12
:bulletpink: W003 Reki - water
:bulletpink: H026 Bala - ash
:bulletpink: H036 Xilaskar - fog
:bulletblue: A013 Yrian - air
:bulletpink: F013 Kalla - fire
:bulletblue: I007 Safir - ice
:bulletpink: H042 Zoya - bronze
:bulletpink: H032 Liron - crystal
:bulletpink: P012 Morti - plant
:bulletpink: H044 Arila - scorch
:bulletblue: H047 Milo - vine
:bulletpink: S013 Muir - spark

Pending - unposted/in the works
:bulletblack: - beam (kir)
:bulletblack: - chlorophyll (marikh)
:bulletblack: - vapor (alaric)
:bulletblack: - guardian (jadrik)
:bulletblack: - ether (jaiel)
:bulletblack: - sight (seraph)

Need To Be Done
:bulletgreen: Drakkari BioSheets - Aubrel, Tas, Reki, Bala, Siddet, Lyra, Xilaskar, Amun, Runa, Safir, Zoya, Kalla, Liron, Morti, Arila, Milo, Miinka, Bolek,
:bulletpink: Personal Skill Charts - Saraly, Whisper, Rinan, Drakul, Mohinder, Pixie, Aubrel, Tas, Reki, Bala, Siddet, Lyra, Xilaskar, Amun, Runa, Safir, Kala, Zoya, Liron, Morti, Arila, Milo, Miinka, Bolek,

Cecatlan Stuff

:bulletyellow: hybrid artwork
:bulletyellow: info sheets (air, ice, dark, spark)

Xolkai Bestiary


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Terequine Stamp by ObsydianDragon Lukeria Stamp by ObsydianDragon Kyricorn Stamp by ObsydianDragon Krystal Dragon Stamp by ObsydianDragon Taishogun Love Stamp by ObsydianDragon Vaskir Love Stamp by ObsydianDragon

Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Mierlatha Love by ObsydianDragon Faeryn Love by ObsydianDragon Peacat Love by ObsydianDragon Myrow Love by ObsydianDragon Vedurean Love by ObsydianDragon

Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Kiernos Hound Love by ObsydianDragon Seahound Love by ObsydianDragon Parn Love by ObsydianDragon Wyvanine Love by ObsydianDragon


Creature Feature

Sat Sep 6, 2014, 4:00 AM

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

you can't cheat! I'll be watching you Eyes  Great idea!:D (Big Grin) Problem is picking only three :( (Sad) Oh well, still great fun. Step right up guys Hi!

1 - Tehutiy - picking six only because she picked six of mine
digispam5 mikeevo by TehutiyThe Slide by TehutiyStorms are Brewing by Tehutiytriplets WIP by Tehutiy Faolchu Duncan Murdoch
Birth name:Duncan Murdoch O'Murchu(-Abhartach)   
Name Changes: N/A

     Nicknames: Dun, Murd, Doc, “Faolchú” 
Race: Werekin*                             Ethnicity: Gaelgii
Accent:  All of them, he's been practically everywhere and throws accents into his speech at random. 
Age: 57*             Age Bracket: Elder
Blackfern by Tehutiy
I caved and found a few Cecatl images >.> I'm not biased at ALL :stare:
2 - VivianXiloscient 
Frostheart by VivianXiloscientCello performance by VivianXiloscientWerepire Vivi by VivianXiloscient
3 - AngelheartTheWarrior
Kaijin Journal Doll MY USE ONLY by AngelheartTheWarriorRandom Warrior Cat by AngelheartTheWarriorbiggestbrandyfan Commission by AngelheartTheWarrior
4 - PoltergeistNaga
Shepherd Of Fire by PoltergeistNagaDesign Trade with Bioxane by PoltergeistNagaSomnus Noctis by PoltergeistNaga
hard to find only three ^,..,^
5 - Spartan0-0-0
Optimus Prime TF4 by Spartan0-0-0Gator by Spartan0-0-0Imagination by Spartan0-0-0Beast Mode Redo by Spartan0-0-0
Though I was good... but that last one is just awesomazing ^^
6 - breyercrazy
Hippocampus v2 by breyercrazyMorrocan Hummingbird by breyercrazyPrancing on a Hilltop by breyercrazyMarlian and Leone by breyercrazy
had to add the last one ^^
7 - Panoptos
'WHERE IS THE BOOTY' by PanoptosAT: Don't even need wings! by PanoptosAT: A phantom in the mist by PanoptosFamily Flight by PanoptosTFP Gryphoon reference by Panoptos
too much love for just 3 pics >.> cuz gryphons


DragonPud's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


DC001 - Bumac by DragonPud
Khrahn sabergun by DragonPud
Vashj by DragonPud
Basic commission of your character. Background is extra. Explain, in detail, what you want and we'll go from there :}
OD Breed - Custom
Krystal Drake Breedsheet by DragonPud
Forsaken Breedsheet by DragonPud
Vaskir Breedsheet by DragonPud
Myrow Breedsheet by DragonPud
Kiernos Hound Breedsheet by DragonPud
Explain which breed you want and we'll go from there! Here is a full list:… The above are simply examples.
Any Tattoos/Piercing you want will have to be drawn yourself when you do your own reference. I will not draw tattoos or piercings unless they're in the breed itself!
I retain the right to refuse. I do not need a reason.
Deer Dragon Doodle by DragonPud
fluff buckets by DragonPud
Dragontaur by DragonPud
Sketchy or simple lineart. No background.


:icontheoldwest: :iconrealm-of-cecatl: :iconcaerdraegyn: :iconirishtigers: :iconxolkai-bestiary: :iconcdv-registry: :iconthe-fire-of-the-soul: :icontheolessaregion:


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