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Welcome To My World!

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Hello and welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy your time here and take a moment to peek through my gallery!

I currently spend much of my time over in Realm-of-Cecatl, which is a world chock FULL of creatures and places to explore. If you like Roleplaying, I hope to see you there! We could use some dedicated players!

If you're here for just adopts, feel free to browse through my gallery, or head on over to my Adoptables. Plenty of creatures of my own designs. I've made over 200 species, so if there's something you see that you like, but aren't too thrilled with color or pattern, let me know! I might be able to produce a custom for you! :D

I hope you enjoy your time here and have a great day! Feel free to talk to me! I love chatting up new friends.


Quick Links


Realm of Cecatl - Drakkari Advertisement by DragonPud

Drakkari of Cecatl

Drakkari List of Members
Domesticated Drakkari
Base Drakkari Species Sheets
:bulletgreen: Plant Sheet :bulletgreen:
:bulletorange: Earth Sheet :bulletorange:
:bulletred: Fire Sheet :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Water Sheet :bulletblue:
:bulletyellow: Lightning Sheet :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple: Air Sheet :bulletpurple:
:bulletwhite: Ice Sheet :bulletwhite:
:bulletblack: Dark Sheet :bulletblack:
:bulletpink: Spark Sheet :bulletpink:


Hybrid Previews
Poison | Vine | Frost | Chlorophyll

Stone | Glass | Mud | Sand

Scorch | Lava | Bronze | Luminous

Swamp | Vapor | Glacier | Gloom

Crystal | Sight | Storm | Shadow

Ether | Fog | Sound | Glow

Nova | Snow | Coldfire | Silver

Ash | Ebony | Pitch | Soot

Guardian | Beam | Star | Rift

Map of Cecatl
Cecatl by DragonPud

Drakkari List

Elders 7
:bulletpink: F011 Gannon - fire
:bulletblue: P009 London - plant
:bulletpink: P010 Pixie - chlorophyll NEED PIC UPDATED
:bulletblue: W011 Joachim - water
:bulletblue: D005 Drakul - dark (SS)
:bulletpink: A012 Saraly - air

:bulletblue: H007 Volahk - stone NEED ELDER PIC

Adults 11
:bulletblue: L008 Rinan - lightning
:bulletblue: I008 Aeryck - silver NEED UPDATED PIC
:bulletpink: E004 Mohinder - earth
:bulletblue: W009 Skald - water
:bulletpink: H003 Yirin - frost
:bulletblue: H024 Aubrel - luminous
:bulletpink: I005 Keshet - ice
:bulletblue: S011 Kyrak - spark
:bulletpink: S013 Muir - spark

:bulletpink: H020 Vahanis - soot NEED ADULT PIC
:bulletpink: H023 Grendel - nova NEED ADULT PIC

Teens 12
:bulletpink: A009 Whisper - ether NEED UPDATED PIC
:bulletblue: F005 Tas - fire
:bulletpink: E007 Lykaon - earth
:bulletpink: D012 Miinka - dark (SS)
:bulletpink: H035 Lyra - poison
:bulletpink: L007 Bolek - lightning
:bulletpink: D011 Runa - dark
:bulletblue: H038 Amun - coldfire
:bulletblue: H033 Siddet - lava
:bulletpink: H042 Zoya - bronze

:bulletblue: H056 Karal - sight NEED TEEN PIC
:bulletpink: L010 Kalla - storm NEED TEEN PIC

Babies 12
:bulletpink: W003 Reki - water
:bulletpink: H026 Bala - ash
:bulletpink: H036 Xilaskar - fog
:bulletblue: A013 Yrian - air
:bulletblue: I007 Safir - ice
:bulletpink: H032 Liron - crystal
:bulletpink: P012 Morti - plant
:bulletpink: H044 Arila - scorch
:bulletblue: H047 Milo - vine
:bulletblue: H051 Bones - mud
:bulletpink: H064 Jiang - shadow
:bulletpink: H065 Boadicea - beam

Need To Be Done
:bulletgreen: Drakkari BioSheets - Tas, Reki, Bala, Siddet, Lyra, Xilaskar, Amun, Runa, Safir, Zoya, Kalla, Liron, Morti, Arila, Milo, Miinka, Bolek, Muir, Bones, Karal, Jiang, Boadicea
:bulletpink: Personal Skill Charts - Rinan, Mohinder, Pixie, Aubrel, Tas, Reki, Bala, Siddet, Lyra, Xilaskar, Amun, Runa, Safir, Kala, Liron, Morti, Arila, Milo, Miinka, Bolek, Bones, Jiang, Boadicea

Cecatlan Stuff

:bulletyellow: hybrid artwork
:bulletyellow: racing tack/outfits and other shiz
:bulletyellow: familiar art and info

Update o' Doom

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 5:01 PM
I really dislike begging/asking/whatever, but I figured I'd drop this here if any random person comes along and feels generous. I've been trying to save up points for Realm-of-Cecatl ever since its beginnings for a super group. If nothing else, we'd have pretty journals and I could organize the members folders into personal draks, familiars/pets, and other things to be able to find things easier. Thus far, I've amassed 1000 points..that's it. My adopts don't sell, so I'm pretty much just giving them to friends that I know take care of them :} Its easier for my sanity, really than bitch about how few people buy them. I really try to avoid complaining too much, though I know I do it often enough.

:iconrealm-of-cecatl: Looking for points to upgrade to a super group. I don't care how much you donate, every little bit helps :} I'm done buying adopts. I've got an entire folder on my harddrive of ones I need to draw lol Thinking of buying some points to go towards it next time I get paid, but hesitate to buying the entire cost.

On another note, work is doing well, but ankle is not. I have no idea what I seem to have done, but the arch really hurts in the morning. Luckily it fades after a while, but I can't point my left foot anymore or it hurts as if I've stretched it too far. So I'm a hobblin' pud for a while until I can convince myself to fork up the money to have it looked at.

On Another Another note....If anyone sees my Bazillion species and find one they want one of, feel free to ask me :} They say closed, but I don't mind if someone makes one. Just let me know first. That way I can have it added to the registry. I just like seeing what people do ^^ Biggest reason why the last 'batch' is draw-to-adopt. I'd rather see someone draw it (even if its only the once) than have it never get drawn, ya know?

And once again....i talk too much. But journal skin is cool, no? ^^



Journal Skin by: Zaellrin


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United States
Dark knight by MisterRgbPixels
Oddish Fan Stamp by Elik-Chan

Overrated #1 (remade) by RebiValeska

100 :points: = 1 US dollar
so 1000 :points: = 10 bucks

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OD Breed - Custom
Explain which breed you want and we'll go from there! Here is a full list:… The above are simply examples.
Any Tattoos/Piercing you want will have to be drawn yourself when you do your own reference. I will not draw tattoos or piercings unless they're in the breed itself!
I retain the right to refuse. I do not need a reason.


DragonPud has started a donation pool!
1,469 / 5,000

Thank You For Your Donation!
Icon: World Creator by ShinyDratini

I'd like to start saving up for a premium membership for my group, Realm-of-Cecatl Any donations will go towards that goal. Thank you!</b>

Current Count: 1902/4796


✔ Waiting on Others

:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot:blackbluefire: by NamelessBot
Litleo by CreepyJellyfishDelcatty by CreepyJellyfishServine by CreepyJellyfish
Houndour by CreepyJellyfishZorua by CreepyJellyfishInkay by CreepyJellyfish
:bulletyellow: IFA prize from Flamelish (adoptable?)
:bulletyellow: HYARPG prize from pegacorna2
:bulletyellow: Commission from FireFang96

✔ Things People Are Waiting On Me For

100 Theme Challenge - 31/100


:bulletblue: multiple Althean sketch requests from ChastityRose
:bulletblue: commissions from Lioden

Art Trades

:bulletblue: art trade for RascalRaccoon on IB… and…
:bulletblue: breeding picture between Unnamed Stallion and Sapphique with Freedomsland93
:bulletblue: art-trade with Jedi-Cowgirl

Other Stuff

:bulletblue: fantasy horse herd for AlphaFemaleWolf
:bulletred: Finish Imports :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Giftart for 1w1w of her stallion, Nikolaus…

✔ My List

?? more breedsheets (way too many)
:bulletblue: my stable 'people' 6/12
:bulletblue: Dragonsoul and her crew (story and characters belong to me)
:bulletblue: Stonehenge with Wolf Moon, Seaweed, Sound Breaker, Devil Lantern, and Shine

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